Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back Home Again

The weather was terrible. We drove the nine hours from here to Indianapolis in the rain, with high winds and occasional snowflakes. The weather was no different when we arrived, except that it might have been a little bit colder.

Never mind. At the end of the trip we were welcomed by our son and daughter-in-law and suddenly the weather didn't matter anymore. Our son had planned a lot of outdoor activities, but the weather decided differently. We did some sightseeing from comfort of the car, and did more indoor activities.

We visited the Indianapolis Art Museum to see the special exhibit on the Ming Dynasty. The museum's photograph policy basically indicates that one cannot take a photograph of anything interesting inside the museum. But we could take unlimited photographs outside.

The ubiquitous "LOVE" quadrangle is one of the prized outdoor exhibits. Robert Clark (who later changed his name to Robert Indiana), created the LOVE for a Christmas card for the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in the 1960s. Interestingly enough, the artwork was never copyrighted, and immediately became public domain and an instant art hit around the world.

Despite the rain, we photographed the fountain in front of the museum. There were some remaining leaves on the sheltered trees around the fountain.

The numbers scupture, another Robert Indiana creation, is often used by couples to make "Save the date" cards for upcoming weddings, or birthday parties.

There seems to be a "mother and child" sculture at every museum. I especially liked this one.

The most important place we visited? The house my son and DIL bought. It is a perfect house, one that will meet their needs for as long as they remain in Indianapolis. They have cleverly decorated the traditional house with some non-traditional ideas that enhance rather than detract from the beauty. They bought old church pews and joined them together to make a lovely bench for the dining room. They upholstered the pews and even covered one wall with the same material. Not only comfortable, the pews are quite attractive. The drop-leaf table can be reduced in size and the entire area opened up for guests.

Our son is a great cook and we enjoyed some really good meals here. Isn't it nice to have someone else do all the cooking and cleaning?
-----We did have one indoor activity. My husband and I were introduced to the Wii. We bowled, played golf, even boxing. The thing is totally addicting!
-----What a wonderful and relaxing time we had. We sat by the fireside and chatted about old times and plans for the future. I can't wait to visit again.
-----The drive home was a bit harrowing with cold wind and bits of snow. We left very early in the morning so we could get home in the afternoon. We arrived in time to pick up the Golden Girls. Much as we totally enjoyed the visit, it was nice to be home again, sleeping in our own bed.
And I have some wonderful blogs to read. I've missed all of you.


Shellmo said...

Sounds like the weather didn't spoil your fun! I love that table arrangement and what a great idea for the pews that your son and daughter-in-law had!

Lynne said...

I'm glad that you are home safe and that your trip was great despite the weather.

fishing guy said...

Carolyn: Beautiful captures of the art museum and it sounds like you had a nice visit. I wouldn't even try ubiquitous with spell check. Okay, its all right with soell check.

troutbirder said...

Sounds like a great visit in spite of the weather. I wonder if the Ming exhibit will be touring other cities in the Midwest? Of course, nothing compares to the "Polish Bra!

Cicero Sings said...

Welcome home! It is always nice to visit but SO nice to get home. Visiting is hard work. LOL

I bet the Golden Girls missed you heaps.

Cheryl said...

You sound as if you have had the most wonderful time. Someone else to cook, how divine.....lucky you.....when men cook they usually do it very well......
A beautiful home with some splendid ideas.......

Glad you are home is always good to get home to our own bed.......sleep well.......

Jayne said...

So sorry the weather didn't cooperate very much, but glad to hear the time together was so lovely. The church pew idea is so creative! I love the way they used the fabric there. And, yes, it's fun to be catered to a a guest now and again. But, like you said, in the end, there's nothing like your own sweet bed. Glad you all are home safe and sound Carolyn.

KGMom said...

Oh, your son has a Wii and introduced you to it. Hmmmm--that has a familiar ring to it--our son (and DIL) did the same thing last Thanksgiving. We played various Wii games with them. They had even made up our icon people for us before we got there. We had to guess which one was each of ours.

Tina said...

Sounds like you had a great time despite ole man winter!! We have a LOVE sculpture in Philadelphia..liked the numbers sculpture also, didn't know same artist did both. Thanks for sharing! I would love to see the Ming exhibit, wonder if it is coming east!
Glad you got home safely!!

Sara G said...

Beautiful photo's. Trips to visit family are just the best. We leave Tuesday to go to Grandma's house in Iowa for the Thanksgiving holiday!!
Indianapolis is a wonderful place. I love the drive through on the way to Grandma's!!
Take care.
oh yeah....the Wii....totally addicting!!

MicheleRF said...

What a lovely trip despite the not so lovely weather. The LOVE sculpture looks familiar. Was it ever on a stamp?

NCmountainwoman said...

Shelley - The table was gorgeous and the pews really were comfortable as well as attractive.

Lynne - Thanks. Weather takes a back seat when visiting with your kids.

fishing guy - I had to go back to make certain I spelled it right. You had me worried for a second.

Troutbirder - I suspect the Ming exhibit is traveling to other museums. Quite interesting. I must admit, I didn't care for Indy's calling it the "Ming Bling."

Cicero - Yes, visiting IS hard work, especially for my dear husband. The girls didn't leave our sight the next day.

Cheryl - Yes, my son is a good cook. When my children were 12, they began planning and cooking a family meal one night per week. It has paid off handsomely.

Jayne - Yes the church pews really did work. And it is definitely great to be back home.

Donna - Yes, they had our icons created already and it really wasn't difficult to guess them. That Wii is absolutely addicting and we are looking for one for ourselves to have when company comes.

Tina - Thanks. I suspect the Ming exhibit will be making the rounds. I found it fascinating.

Sara - Thanks for dropping by. Have a great trip. And yes, the Wii is totally fun.

Michele - Yes, the LOVE has been on a postal stamp and almost everywhere else. The artist also did a HOPE for Barack Obama's campaign.

Toni said...

welcome home. so glad to hear you had a wonderful time. Weather is a pain this time of year. Love the sculpture pictures. And as for taking pictures inside a museum...nope non of them will let you.
again welcome home

Ruth said...

A lovely visit, in spite of the rain, but there is no place like your own bed (and your dogs by your side) Friends of ours had pews for their table as well. They had 5 children and the seating worked out well.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Welcome home, Carolyn... I have missed you!!!! Glad you had a nice visit to Indy... Sounds like your son and family have a wonderful home up there. Sorry about the weather--but as you said, it didn't matter once you were there!!!! Thanks again for the waterfall pictures. We LOVED them!!!!

NCmountainwoman said...

Toni - Yes, I knew the camera wouldn't be used much inside the museum.

Ruth - It is amazing how many people can sit comfortably in the pews. And, yes, there is just something about one's own bed.

Betsy - I am perfectly serious about your visiting us when you have the time. As you know, we have lots of waterfalls here.

Mary said...

Despite the weather, it's always good to get away. It's always a happy homecoming, though :o)

Glad you had fun.