Friday, November 9, 2018

A very interesting week here in the US to say the least.  I'm glad the election is (mostly) over.  There were results that made me happy and results that made me sad, but the overwhelming feeling is relief that it is finally behind us.

We had a most wonderful visit from our sweet granddaughter.  She is a very active little girl who sits still only when reading books or eating.  She rarely walks anywhere...she runs.  They flew this time rather than driving so we bought a lot of toys for her to have here when they visit.  She has a very sweet nature and was wonderfully gentle with Lucy and Lucy adored her.  She stationed herself squarely under the high chair and was well-rewarded.

Tall for her age with really long legs

Lucy smiles while the house is quiet

We had two good days with bright sunshine,  Lucy loved running free.  Her sprints are shorter and she is tired when we get back in, but we allow her to do as much as she wants.  Otherwise, we do insist that she gets plenty of walks to exercise her joints

Running like a younger dog
My dear beloved (and quite old) Nikon seems to be in the throes of death.  I shouldn't be surprised.  It is one of the first digital SLR cameras Nikon made.  I can't get any of my recent photographs off the memory card so I'll take it to a camera shop and have them take a look.  I will likely go with Nikon again for the simple reason that all the lenses are compatible.  Otherwise I may use my husband's camera or rely on the one on my iPod.

Today's post-election quote comes from Franklin D. Roosevelt:

Let us never forget that government is ourselves
And not an alien power over us.
The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not
A President or Senators, or Congressmen and government officials



The Bug said...

Wow - that Roosevelt quote. Good to remember!

Your granddaughter is a cutie! I'm glad she & Lucy get along :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Your granddaughter is adorable and loved seeing the smile on Lucy's face as she runs.
Perhaps there is hope for us politically. There are still votes to count and new faces in the House to fight for us.

Tara Crowley said...

I love seeing these photos. How old is your grand daughter? It gives me great joy to know that she was gentle with Lucy and that they really get along. I think children do well to have a dog in their lives.

Very good, and true, quote. Written well before corporate take over of the government on this big of a scale, of course, but we citizens are the ultimate bosses -- if we show up. I was heartened by the turnout this election. Not perfect, but much better than the usual ultra tepid showing.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful little girl. As I child I used to let my Grandpas dog sleep on the bottom of my bed. Not sure Grandma was too happy.
Strange Nella is not even allowed to go upstairs.
Lovely that Lucy and little Granddaughter have such a gentle relationship.

I have been watching the elections on the BBC News.

Barbara Rogers said...

You have a lovely granddaughter. So glad the weather was such that she and Lucy could enjoy outdoor fun. Lucy is such a sweet dog, and of course granddaughter is learning gentle ways with animals, thanks to you.

Nance said...

I think pets help teach children to be kind and nurturing. Your granddaughter and Lucy are benefitting from each other. I'm so glad that your family can come for a visit!

robin andrea said...

Lovely to see your granddaughter. So nice when they come for a visit. And yes, so much energy those little ones have.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your Granddaughter is growing so fast! (Violet, right?) She's just a doll and I'm sure you were loving every minute of her/their visit. Again, I feel like I have to apologize for Florida.....why does my state have so many issues with voting? Pfffftttt.
Enjoy your weekend.

Virginia Dean said...

Your granddaughter is adorable … I love her "heart" socks. As the week goes by the results get better and better so the women and the "blue wave" may be just what we need to show that our vote does matter.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nice to see the photo of your sweet granddaughter and animals can sense that children want to love them. It's the same way with our granddaughter Lilliana and Lola, the family lab. They are growing up together. Maybe Santa will leave you a replacement Nikon under the tree?

KB Bear said...

That is a wonderful quote. And, your granddaughter is very cute!!! I am thrilled to read of Lucy's happy gallop!

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Bug - Thanks. Violet learned the art of gentle petting with her cats.

Patti - You are right, there is always hope.

Tara - Thanks. Violet is 17 months old now. Somehow I didn't feel the boost I expected over the election either. I was very glad that our General Assembly GOP lost it's "super majority" so now they will be forced to cross the aisle once in a while.

Cheryl - We restrict Lucy to certain parts of the house as well. She doesn't seem to mind. There's been a good bit of news from the UK here lately as well.

Barbara - Yes, we had some rainy days but also some great days in the park.

Nance - We are gradually filling the house with toys. Our kids are finding it much easier to fly with a toddler than to drive 8 hours. My husband says he does not recall the toys being so hard to assemble when our children were young.

Robin - Yes, Violet is a little ball of energy. She runs until she drops, but then she sleeps well.

Suz - I saw a clever cartoon that showed Big Bird going to Florida to teach them how to count.

Ginnie - Thanks. We are a family of sock lovers. I gave my D-I-L a pair and on the bottom of one it reads, "If you can read this" and on the other it reads, "Bring me some wine."

Beatrice - I do plan to get another Nikon. First because I have loved this one and mostly because my lenses will fit on the new ones as well.

KB - Thanks. Hope R is adjusting well to his surgery.

Lowcarb team member said...

So nice to see the photograph of your lovely granddaughter.

All the best Jan