Friday, March 5, 2010

Fridays are Golden

I'm often asked what we feed our dogs to keep them looking so healthy. I'm sorry to admit that we do not cook for them nor feed them fancy foods. Ellie and Lucy eat high-quality dry dog food. We must carefully control their portions relative to their exercise since Golden Retrievers generally will eat as much as you will allow. They don't seem to have a satiety center.

We feed them twice daily at the same time each day. Three times a week they get an extra treat...a teaspoonful of olive oil over the dry food. Breakfast timing is's when they come in from their first walk of the day. Dinner is always at 4:30 and this is often cause for concern. Beginning around 3:30, the dogs do not let us out of sight. They aren't quite sure what time it is, but they seem to know it's near dinnertime. As soon as we approach the door, they go into their room to wait for dinner.

They stand near the bin that holds the dog food. Even with the lid open, they would not dare to peek inside or try to grab a bite.

In addition to the dog food, the dogs do receive a few carrot pennies when I make our own dinner. They get little "Charlie Bear" treats while they are being groomed, and ice cubes whenever anyone makes a drink. Because they've never had people food, they do not hang around the table when we are eating. They do not beg if we are snacking in our chairs. It's fine if you want your own dog to do that, but personally, I do not want my dogs sniffing around the people food.

Another couple of photos of Lucy and even more shoes. I can't speak to what she might do with high heels or dress shoes (you hardly ever find them around here), but she loves sneakers and slippers. She thinks they make fine pillows. If you visit me and take off your shoes, she will likely give them a trial to see if they are good pillows. But I will vacuum them for you when I give you the roller tape to remove the dog hair from your pant legs.

It's a beautiful Friday here. The heavy snow has become almost like a bad dream and most of it has melted. We are expecting WARMER than normal temperatures for the weekend and that will be glorious indeed. The birds are singing their little hearts out and I can just feel spring coming!
Have a wonderful weekend, filled with hope and anticipation. Keep smiling even if you have to force it. With enough practice, it might become genuine.


Sam said...

Ah, Charlie Bears. One of Marge's favorites. I haven't bought them in a long while!

Marge doesn't get anything fancy, either. She gets 1/2 Merrick Dog Food and 1/2 Taste of the Wild Dog food. The TOTW has really helped to firm up her stool and brighten her coat, but I know Merrick is a good food, too. Eventually, I will switch over to totally grain-free.

Thistlebrooms said...

Such GOOD ladies!!!
I remember the dog hair all over my GOOD Black coat when I had my Golden AND the Tumbleweed (as I call it) rolling around the floors...
They do seem to have that tenacity about the eating as much as you give them But as you say watching their diet is crucial.
Happy to hear your SNOW is vanishing.
SPRING is overdue to these eyes and am waiting patiently???

As Always~Marilyn

Vicki Lane said...

Glad to hear your weather is improving. We have SUN and a clear blue sky! Hearts and temps are rising!

TSannie said...

My dog adores people food. I do think that was a mistake on my part.

Your doggies are just the sweetest.

The Bug said...

We're headed to NC (Hickory) tomorrow. Glad to hear it will be warmer down there! We have the bright sunny days right now - but it's COLD!

robin andrea said...

I always appreciate dogs that don't beg or sniff around people food. Our kitty cat is polite that way, as well. He never jumps on the kitchen table, which I've seen other house cats do. He's on a very similar feeding schedule as your golden girls. I think they do like the routine.

Cedar ... said...

Happy Friday, girls!

The Thundering Herd said...

Love using shoes as pillows. Always amazing to me what dogs find comfortable. I just found Kodiak sprawled in the sunshine laying on top of the snow - sound asleep.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lucy is a shoe cute.
Our dogs get fed 2x a day as well.
Their dinner is at 6pm, but Ozzie starts getting antsy and follows my every move starting at 4pm!!!
Being a rescue dog, he thinks each meal was his last.
Unfortunatly, 'someone' in my house started giving the dogs treats in the kitchen and at our dining table. It makes me nutty...I am working on the 'un-begging'.

have a great weekend. I won't fake my smile at all. :)

Miley said...

Awww happy golden friday!!! You two are the cutest!!!

lotsa licks,

Mary said...

What good girls! Your picture of the mountains is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Such pretty girls! I guess it's only logical that your diva dog would have a shoe fetish.

Have a snow shoveling-free weekend! it's supposed to be 60's here. Come on, jonquils!

kks said...

i laughed out loud when i read the first part! anticipating dinner! mine can't tell time either, but they sure know when that time is near! too funny, and then they run into the feeding room, such beautiful dogs...
thanks for the advice about Mr. really is a "way of life"...being healthy for me is a huge priority.
have a great weekend..
the snow is melting fast in wisconsin this weekend!

caboval said...

Hi pretty golden girls! Love your golden fridays! Its amazing they dont even look at their food bin! They are beautiful! Hugs Joey and Kealani

KGMom said...

Tell Lucy she may use my shoes any day! I'd be honored.

Shelley said...

I've always admired your girl's beauty! Their fur always looks healthy and shiny. I think that's cute how lucy lays on the slippers! Scout does that too, and sometimes she brings her daddy's slippers to me, drops them at my feet and then lays down.

Samantha said...

Love this post! Golden girls can develop such funny/cute habits! (Sam can't/won't beg for human food either heheh!) But she is on a very regular schedule too - a bit of hi-quality organic kibble with a few softened frozen peas and carrots thrown in. She's thrived on this for quite a while now - and gets treats in her obed. practice too - string cheese! Love Lucy's head on shoes - classic!
Hugs xo

KB said...

Although we do make homemade food (out of necessity, not choice) that technically contains "people" food, we never give them tidbits from our meals. But, we had a visitor once who cut off a bite of meat and gave it to our young dog - we were shocked but didn't want to chastise a visitor too hard. He's never ever forgotten. If meat is served, he doesn't leave the vicinity of the table unless forced to (which we do). It's amazing how one event in 2 years of life shaped him so much!

BTW, I enjoyed the Duke-UNC game very much last night :) I hope that the girls did a good job of consoling you. NIT bubble for UNC, methinks. :)

George said...

The girl's diets must work, for they are simply beautiful. It's interesting that Lucy thinks shoes make good pillows.

Sam said...

Well, I am embarassed to say Sam recieves his fair share of people food, mainly prepared just for him versus off of our plates. If it is something from our dinner, he gets it afterwards in his own bowl. We've also managed to teach him that unless it is given to him specifically, he isn't to eat it. We can put a steak on the ground and he will stay a respectable distance from it. What is the olive oil for?


dAwN said... have beautiful pampered pups!

Barb said...

The Girls are sentries at the kibble can! Golden fur is the best or worst - depending on your point of view, I guess... Golden owners keep the sticky roller manufacturers in business. Hope your temps have remained warm.

troutbirder said...

Golden and gorgeous I'd say. Dry dog food works well here as well. He get a daily glucosomine pill though.

Sierra Rose said...

Hi all! Ellie and Lucy are beautiful!! Love shoes too, but love to snaggle test them....they often don't come back quite intact.
Lovely header! Nice to visit you.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks all around for your comments.

Sam - Yes, Charlie Bears are perfect because they are so small.

Thistlebrooms - We rarely wear Navy Blue or black! We each have a tape roller in our cars.

Bug - Looks like you are in for a GREAT weekend. Perfect weather.

KB - What a nightmare this season has been for the 'Heels. And we do so hate to lose to Dook!