Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Frost

We had frost this morning. When I went out to turn on the bubbler, the bird spa was covered with ice.

After years of a high-maintenance suburban yard, we decided to go natural in our new home. We have only native plants, carefully selected to be unattractive to deer. I've never been one to coddle outdoor plants. After all, if we want to go native, then they should withstand whatever nature brings. We were under a frost warning last night, so I was a little concerned about some of the flowering shrubs. Initially I decided not to cover anything and let nature take its course. Then I walked out and saw the new blossoms on the rhododendren. They seemed to talk to me, "Hey, give us a little hand here." How could I let these lovely flowers turn brown? So I covered them.

I'm glad I did.


Susan Gets Native said...

NATIVE! Woo Hoo!

Q said...

I also am growing native.
I have lots still in my yard that is not! As I replace I am planting for the birds and the butterflies.
I too struggle with do I cover or not.
Thank goodness I did not have to worry about it this spring.
Your blooms are so pretty I would cover too! My rhododendron is just now budding.

Kerri said...

Those are lovely! Glad you covered them! No blossoms yet on my rhododendron.